Monday, March 21, 2011

Lata, Love and Longing : My Top-12

Lata Mangeshkar : My Top-12

It is so difficult to restrict such a list within a certain limit, really. Still here are some of my most favorite Lata Mangeshkar songs. Barring few gazals they belong to same `family'. Even Lata's voice texture is same as all these songs belong to same era.  Another favorites like Allah Tero Naam are kept out as they convey different bhaav and appeal on different level.

I can keep listening to these songs whole night. Many would agree with me, I am sure. Incidentally, so many songs from this list are composed by Madan Mohan.

So enjoy... You can actually watch the songs as these are video links. Youtube ki jai ho!

(1) Agar muzse mohabbat hai..

(2) Aap ki nazaro ne samza... (Anpadh)

(3) Tera mera pyar amar... (Asli Naqli)

(4) Zara si aahat hoti hai...

(5) Rahe na rahe hum... (Mamta)

(6) Lag ja gale... (Woh kaun thi)
(7) Yu hasarato ke daag ... (Adalat)

(8) Unko ye shikayat hai ke hum... (Adalat)

(9) Woh chup rahein toh mere dil ke daag.. (Jahan Aara)

(10) Hum pyar mein jalne walo ko... (Jailor)

(11) Rasm-e-ulft nibhaye to kaise... (Dil Ki Raahein)

(12) Aaj socha toh aansu bhar aaye... (Haste Jakhm)


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